Lulu Moore has revealed the gorgeous alternate covers for the New York Players series!

Cover Design: Emily Wittig Designs

Book 1 Jasper:
As Captain of an NHL team, I’m rich, successful and have women falling at my feet.I thought my life was perfect until a pint sized blonde checked into me one day, knocking my life off course.Wolfie Williams is sass personified. Beautiful, fiery, funny and oh so sexy. With every eye roll she gives me I become more and more wrapped around her finger, making me realise she is my missing piece.The only problem is she hates me and she’s heading back to England in five months.So I’m against the clock to make her understand that she can’t live without me either.

Book 2 Cooper:
Thirteen years ago I fell for the wrong person and swore I’d never let another woman into my heart. Ever since, I’ve lived on a diet of bunnies and casual sex. That was until Francesca Danvers walked into my life. The sister of my team Captain’s fiancée, her Maid of Honor to my Best Man. She’s my match in every stubborn way. Boiling my blood during the day, lighting me on fire at night. It took her forty eight hours to get under my skin, but turned out she’d been there all along. I never meant to fall in love. Just like I never meant to mess it all up. Now I just have to convince her I’m in love for good and we’re playing for keeps.

Book 3 Drew:
Let me ask you a question.
Have you met your soulmate?
I did, then promptly lost her. Because what happens in Vegas stays there, right?
I’d never been the relationship type, but I’ve spent every spare second of the past twelve months wondering what if. What if I hadn’t slept through my alarm? What if I hadn’t lost her number? What if I’d known her name?
But I came up blank.
That was until I found her. Emerson Reeves. My forever. Giving me the answers to all my questions.
What happened in Vegas isn’t staying there this time.
This time, I’m not letting go.
And all bets are off.

*Drew: Special Edition also includes the extended prologue Drew Vegas.

Book 4 Felix:
I have a secret.
Twelve years ago I crushed on my teammate’s little sister, before firmly putting her in the friend zone. Which then became the best friend zone.
And my teammate became more of a brother.
But now we have two problems.
One. I just found out she’s been crushing on me too, and my feelings have come hurtling back like a puck heading for the net.
Two. She’s my doctor and I’m her patient.
So we have some hurdles to get through. And I need to convince Doctor Molly Marks that we’re worth the fight.
That love is enough.
Because this isn’t a game I plan on losing.

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Meet Lulu

Lulu started writing by accident, and somehow found herself stuck in a fictional world of ice hockey, baseball and billionaires. A world she has no plans to leave. She’s the creator of The New York Players Series, The Tuesday Club Series, and her newest sports romance series – The New York Lions – the worst team in the M.L.B. She’s a big fan of strong heroines, because those fierce alphas need someone to keep them in check. You’ll find her navigating her way through Romance Land one HEA at a time, and trying to figure out the latest social media platform she needs to post to.


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