Book Review: Induction (Serving Veronica Book 2) by Chandra Storm

Induction (Serving Veronica Book 2)

by Chandra Storm


And so it continues…

We met Greg in Assessment, and this continues his story. He is truly settled into his new normal now, and Induction is all about how he pushes his boundaries. It starts right in the middle of a scene, since… y’know, this IS a BDSM book. Even though the story is told through Greg’s POV, we get more of the backstories of the other characters. I’d say this is a true LGBT story, with a pleasant mix of several other pairings. Mistress Veronica remains a force to be reckoned with.

Greg and Mario – Chef’s kiss! That’s all I’m going to say on this (without giving away any spoilers). There are still some unanswered questions (like the thing he is running from in his past); but since this is a series I am hoping the author addresses this at some point.

As I said before, Veronica’s home really does sound like the type I’d want to hang out in all the time… for research purposes, of course!

Here’s my review for Book 1, Assessment.



Induction (Serving Veronica Book 2)

by Chandra Storm



Getting whipped is easy, everything else is complicated.

In this continuation of the Serving Veronica series, Greg tries to find his feet in his new job in Veronica’s kinky household, but his fears and preconceptions make it difficult for him.

When he asks Mario to help him out, Mario readily agrees to guide him. But as the two men grow closer, things start going terribly wrong. Veronica soon loses her patience with them, and Greg has to learn that even for a masochist, punishments aren’t meant to be fun.

Also in this book: a horny genderfluid Swede, blueberry muffins, sharks that get their noses punched, a stainless steel dilator set, a pork roast gone wrong and a very fluffy elephant.

Another kinky MM romance in a reverse harem setting.

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