Masked: A Dark Romantic Suspense (Club Exposure Book 5)

by Ivy Nelson

Ah, this one.

Where do I start?

They first meet on what is, arguably, the worst night of their respective lives. Noah, having just lost his girlfriend. Reva (who is dating his son at the time), understands his pain better than most, having gone through that herself. She also happens to be an overly cautious woman, yet she can’t deny the attraction brewing between herself and Noah.

I love all of Ivy’s books, and this one was no exception. I really liked that neither of them acted upon their attraction to each other. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded because Parker (Noah’s son) was a piece of shit. And the cheating trope really doesn’t bother me at all. But once these two got over their own personal hangups about the situation, their chemistry was off the charts. There’s a healthy amount of suspense, and some pretty intense kinks in this one.

I loved that Noah didn’t seek to control every aspect of Reva’s life. He recognized her strengths and intellect and sought to nurture that, even while being a caring and very protective Dom.

That ending though…

As always, read the content and trigger warnings.

Can you tell Ivy Nelson is one of my favorite authors? I’ve probably read at least 10 of her books. Just need to get caught up on posting those reviews…

Masked: A Dark Romantic Suspense (Club Exposure Book 5)

by Ivy Nelson


Reva Calhoun met Noah Jasper five years ago on the night he found out his longtime girlfriend had been murdered.

She was dating his son

Now she’s faced with turning to him for help when Parker Jasper dumps her and kicks her out.

She doesn’t know it, but Noah needs her help just as much as she needs his.

Will this unconventional relationship bring the healing they both need?


Note: Masked is Book 5 in the Club Exposure Series.

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