Passion In The Mountains

(Greene Mountain Boys #3)

Olivia T. Turner


Quick and steamy read!

This was a quick, easy, steamy, insta-love story between Dylan and Ashley. You can feel the sparks go off from the moment they meet, and it carries don’t throughout the story. My favorite part is knowing their chemistry carries much further into the future. HEA, just how I like it!




I just watched my ex-fiancé marry his gay lover.

It was supposed to be our wedding, but he asked me to be his best man instead.

I think I need a vacation.

My sister says I need to get laid.

She says I have an itch that only a mountain man can scratch.

I think she’s full of it until I head to Montana and see Dylan Wallis.

He’s bathing in a river.

My body instantly reacts.

I want him.


I want those big broad shoulders, that massive chest, those strong tattooed arms, those tree trunk legs, and that massive piece of wood dangling between his legs.

I want all of it.

And I want it now.

When those dark heated eyes find me watching him, I can tell he wants me too.

My sister was right.

This hot mountain is about to scratch my itch.

He’s about to destroy my V-card.

And I’m going to love every second of it.

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