Book Review: Ruined Innocence (Innocent Brides Book 2) by Measha Stone

Sins of the Father (+ Revenge has Consequences) Vibes

Ruined Innocence (Innocent Brides Book 2): A Dark Mafia Romance

by Measha Stone


Having read the first book in the Innocent Brides series (i.e. “Corrupted Innocence”), I never thought Measha could out-do that, but she did – and then some! Even though this is a dark mafia romance with a healthy dosage of everything that comes with it, I loved the fact that, as always, Arman and Anya’s love story does take front and center. Similarly to how the first book was done.

I particularly loved Anya as the heroine. She just might be my favorite Measha Stone heroine yet. A Mafia princess who acts nothing like one. She was declared a pariah in their community through no fault of hers. Even dealt a shitty hand in terms of parentage and friends (the two fake girls, that is). Even with all that, she remained an independent spirit, a fire-cracker who knew what she wanted. I also loved the fact that she was never a push-over, despite everything.

Like his brother, Arman wasn’t going to stifle his wife’s independence as was the norm in their world. I admired his compassion, loyalty, persistence, and determination. Sure, he screwed up towards the end (who doesn’t?), but he corrected the course right away.

We also get a healthy dosage of the consequences of revenge that were touched on in the first book. There is always a price to be paid for betrayal, and it bothered me in the first book, how this was sort of glossed over in the ending. So I’m glad that this was handled in the second book. What’s more, the Sins of the Father trope was handled really well, which I loved.

In summary, if you love the ‘It has always been you’ trope and ‘Revenge has Consequences’ trope, then this is the book for you. Pay attention to the trigger warnings. Lots of spanking, harsher spanking, but it was done…right. And left out when it was not needed.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This is the second book in the Innocent Brides series that I’ve read, and now I’m really looking forward to the third one.


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