Blood Lovers (American Vampires, #1)

by J.A. Huss
Publication date: February 28th, 2023
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Paranormal, Romance


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My Review


Where can I find a Ryet?!

I read this in one sitting. Then I went back and re-read it, slowly, and that took me three days. Even so, I’m still suffering from a major book hangover, and I can’t seem to find the proper words to articulate the feelings this book gave me.

This is the second time it has happened to me in 2023, and if this is going to be the running theme this year I have three words: Well played, Julie.

I have so many questions. So. Many. There are twists and turns and revelations and…

Each time I pick up one of Julie’s books, I think I know what to expect. She almost always proves me wrong. This is what she does best. She creates beautiful masterpieces like this one, and her take on it is nothing I’ve ever read before. Sure, it’s a book about vampires and witches. Yet, it’s nothing like your ‘mainstream’ vampire and/or witch story. Instead, it is a refreshing take on vampire lore.

You have Syrsee (the witch); Ryet (the scion) and Paul (the vampire); who are each different in their own way. They all start out one way, they all go on this unconventional journey together (or apart, depending on how you look at it), and they each come into their own by the time the story ends. And, as much as you’d love to hate them; you can’t help it but fall in love with all three of them.

It’s a vampire book, so there will be blood, guts, and gore. It’s a given. And sexy times, it is called Blood Lovers.

My favorite is Ryet, hands down. He is my spirit animal, and my favorite quote of his is “Why do I have to get stuck with the only vampire on the planet who’s needy?” I hear you, dude. I feel you!

Then, that ending? Chef’s kiss. Five-star read, without a doubt.

So grab this, read it, and share in the book hangover-ness with me.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Blood Lovers is a standalone book in the American vampires series.


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The Devil craves beauty. Even in himself.
The vampire will make magnificent promises and I will say yes.
The man I give my heart to will steal my soul. 

My grandma gave me these words of wisdom just before she died.
Then she told me to run.
Because if the old witch is dying, then he needs a new one.
And that’s me.
This is my curse.
I am the vampire’s power.
I am the vampire’s strength.
I am the vampire’s food.
And he is very, very hungry.

I hate him, but I crave him.
I want to be rid of him, but I also want him next to me.
I want to feed on him and sometimes I dream about him feeding on me.
It feels like a trick. Like abuse.
Like Stockholm syndrome.
But it’s not. It’s just… the blood.
I am the vampire’s scion.
I am the vampire’s slave.
I am the vampire’s future.
And he will never let me go.

I am the vampire.
Once you make a deal with me, it’s done.
There’s no going back.
Once I bite my lip—
Once I bare my teeth—
Once I let it drip—
He’s mine.
She’s mine.
And together we are blood lovers.

Blood Lovers is a dark, seductive journey into a world where the blood runs black, the dreams are purple, and the demons aren’t just dangerous, they’re beautiful. Masterfully told by New York Times bestselling author, JA Huss—it’s a book that will change the lore forever.



JA Huss is a New York Times Bestselling author and has been on the USA Today Bestseller’s list 21 times. She writes characters with heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings. Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world. Her book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Her audiobook, Mr. Perfect, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017. Her audiobook, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award in 2018. Her book, Total Exposure, was nominated for a RITA Award in 2019. She lives on a ranch with her family, dogs, cats, birds, chickens, horse, donkeys, and goats in Colorado.

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