Team RoomMate

by Johanna Atman

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This was… different.

Good different. It was well written and I loved Trixie from the start, even before knowing her full back story. Probably because I identified with her a lot more than I care to admit.

You can tell that the attraction between them is palpable from the onset, despite the deception flying around. They’ve both experienced pain in their respective past relationships, so personally, I wish they would have skipped all of that. But the underlying deception was still something they each needed to get past.

Overall, it was a great read for me – a steamy, mildly angsty romance with well-deserved HEA. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


Team RoomMate

by Johanna Atman


Brendan needs a place to live immediately. He’s just discovered his girlfriend has ghosted him, taking his car, belongings, and money as a parting gift. The only furnished room for rent in his price range has one caveat: straight female or gay male. How hard could it be to pretend to be gay? Desperation makes him sign a 12-month lease. But he’s soon even more desperate to make her think he’s straight again after he starts falling for her.

Dumped on the same day by her live-in boyfriend, Trixie has to find a roommate right now to help her make the mortgage payments. She doesn’t want any romantic entanglements, and her ability to determine if a man is gay or straight is severely lacking. She leaves the details of finding a roommate to her gay best friends next door, Reggie and Skyler. Too bad they see something in Brendan that might be good for her. Each day her desire for her new hot roommate increases. It almost feels like he wants her too, but that’s crazy. Isn’t it?

Note: Team RoomMate is Book 1 in the Grand Plan Series.

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