Dressing Room Domme: A Day of Exhibitionistic Play
by Ruan Willow


Different and Steamy

This was a very quick and spicy read. The title says it all, and as always, Ruan delivers exactly what was promised. Heavy on the spice & low on the plot, but the secondary storylines were clear.




Michelle was gifted a day of freedom by her polycule family, and Rochelle’s the lucky woman chosen to treat her to a sexual play date. Though Rochelle was usually the sub, her Dom encouraged her to expand her sexual wings and be the Domme for once. Rochelle’s lusty brain got churning. Having been given the skinny on Michelle’s likes and dislikes, she crafted an afternoon rendezvous to wet Michelle’s exhibitionistic bone, not to mention her own.

As the two women embarked on their time together, their sexual selves meshed beautifully. They flirted not only with each other but with the dangerously enticing draw of getting caught. Whether it was with their dresses up in the hallway, or while naked in the dressing room, they just wanted others to hungrily watch the juicy spilling of her climax.

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