Book Review: Ravaged Innocence (Innocent Brides Book 3) by Measha Stone

Ultra-Possessive Rogue meets Innocent College Student

Ravaged Innocence (Innocent Brides Book 3): A Dark Mafia Romance

by Measha Stone


This is the third book in the Innocent Brides series, so here we go!

Even though this is a five-star read, it didn’t quite hit the same notes as the first two did for me. My initial impression was that the hero and heroine seem to have swapped roles compared to the first two. Where Avery is sweet, Luke is hard.

Avery is a lot more submissive (compared to Charlie and Anya from Books 1 & 2), and the insta-love between her and Luke really threw me off here. Then there are the red flags galore that she keeps ignoring in favor of great sex! Come on, girl! I guess that is why the series is called Innocent Brides – we finally got one.

On the other hand, Luke is as possessive and shallow as they come. He is also a stubborn yet loveable rogue, which is to be expected with a man of his statute. Their chemistry is off the charts though, something I know to expect from Measha and something she always delivers on.

Anya is still my favorite though! As always, pay attention to the trigger warnings.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a free copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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